Our Story

Our Water

Blue Mountain Natural spring water originates in the pristine Blue Mountains National Park and naturally filters over the years through layers of Billion year old sandstones. We pump it directly into the bottle at the source located 300 feet underground on the family property at Bowen Mountain.

Our Water Bottling Process

  • Our Company controls and carries out all on site processes.
  • Our water is pumped directly from the sandstone aquifer into the bottle. Due to the watrs purity, no treatment or additives are required.
  • Our water is tested regularly by a certified third party laboratory and always exceeds all government standards. It is free from all contaminants, preservatives and chemicals. This is a premium quality, unadulterated natural spring water.

Our Water Quality

Blue Mountains Natural Spring Water’s quality is recognised and accredited by the Australian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) and is HACCP Certified. It has also passed the stringent guidelines for accreditation as a NSW Government Contractor.

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

Metasilicic acid10.370